2019-20 Grant Winners

A Slick Solution Jessica Bowden District

The current 5th grade science curriculum includes studies of the ocean, pollution, water quality and a small overview of ecosystems. The EIE kit, “A Slick Solution: Cleaning an Oil Spill”, enhances the study of the environment with the hands on experience of designing tools to clean up an oil spill  The EIE curriculum connects to grade level common core science standard while also providing literary, social studies and STEM opportunities.  The units introduce a field of engineering and expose the students to these career opportunities at an early age. 

School Store Heat Press – Kristina Rosato and Kristen Milewski – High School

Ridley’s School Store, The Locker is continuing to manufacture apparel for customers in the Ridley community. In order to expand this process, we will need an additional heat press for students to design garments for our brick and mortar store, online store and group orders. With this machine, students will be able to create their designs in class and transfer their ideas to a garment that will be sold at The Locker. All profits from The Locker go directly back to the community, including the Ridley Educational Foundation, Ridley Families in Need and Ridley Future Business Leaders of America.

Sewing Going Forward – Nancy Loia – High School

When “STEM” is changed to “STEAM”, by adding  “A” for the Arts, the opportunities for cross-curriculum learning activities have increased. A tag line for Family & Consumer Science teachers is “I prepare kids for life.” Considering these two concepts that fuel current teaching, Clothing Construction classes provide both problem-based learning methods and the creative processes. Newer, “electronic” sewing machines incorporate newer technologies with basic techniques, familiarizing students with the tools of the future. Following the lead of “Ryan’s Case for Smiles” (http://caseforsmiles.org/), a favorite project for students is to make pillowcases that are donated donated to Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children Pediatric Intensive Care Unit,

R-TRIPP (Ridley Truancy Reduction Intervention Program for Parents) Erin Cianciarulo and Megan Warwick – District

R-TRIPP (Ridley Truancy Reduction Intervention Program for Parents) is a program, ordered by the district magistrate, for Ridley families who have been issued citations for truancy court.  Through Parenting Wisely (familyworksinc.com) we will use an internet based curriculum, which is also evidence, skill and research based.  The program is designed to teach parents skills and offer tools for consistent parenting, coping skills and healthy family living.  This program will educate families about the importance of school attendance and give strategies for reducing chronic absenteeism and truancy for the family.

6th Grade S.T.E.A.M.ers – 6th Grade Science Teachers – Middle School

S.T.E.A.M.’ers is an after school club for sixth graders which provides an opportunity for the students to work cooperatively solving challenges using the Engineering Design Process. Students use their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, as they investigate, imagine, plan, create, test, improve, and communicate with the group about their solution. In addition students are getting to know other sixth graders and learn how to work cooperatively. This club serves as a launchpad to help promote participation in our seventh and eighth grade engineering competitions such as Science Olympiad, Robotics and Sea Perch. Club activities will cultivate further interest in S.T.E.A.M and, hopefully, foster future career choice options. Grant money will be used to help purchase supplies and project kits.

Read, Repeat, Vote! – Amy Pickett – High School

The goal of this project is to encourage students to read some great books and to have a voice in selecting an award-winner! To promote participation in the Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award program, five print copies and one audiobook edition of each of the fifteen nominated books will be made available to Ridley High School students in both print and audiobook format. The Reader’s Choice Award program will be promoted to 9th and 10th graders through booktalks in English class, morning announcements, library displays, and bookmarks. The Reader’s Choice Award nominees also work as independent, shared, and summer reading options for all high school students. The program will culminate with an all-day “Favorite Read Fest” voting party in the library to give all students an opportunity to vote, and a subsequent “reveal party” to celebrate the winning book.

TRX Fitness for Middle School – Kristen Starrs – Middle School

The TRX Fitness Grant here at RMS that will impact all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Grant funds were used to purchase 5 sets of TRX equipment that the PE staff uses to lead all students through fitness exercises on this popular personal fitness equipment.  The equipment is incorporated into the muscular strength and endurance unit. The goal of the TRX fitness initiative is to expose the students to a type of lifetime fitness activity that they could participate in at a Fitness Center, or in their home. The body weight exercises associated with TRX style workouts can improve body image, and self-esteem in our middle school students. The workouts can also relieve stress, and increase the amount of physical activity our students receive.

Wiggle While you Work! – Paula Kleinert – Leedom

Studies show regular physical activity helps improve: focus, attendance, time on task, concentration, and behavior. Under desk cycles and wobble boards are used in the classroom (or designated areas) for students to burn off excess energy and wiggle while they work helping to keep the student’s focus on the task at hand. The larger top makes the board ideal for use while standing at their desks, or when students stand at a table or desk. It also allows students to fidget while seated and burn off excess energy to improve focus and concentration. Under desk cycles fit easily under existing desks and students of all abilities can burn excess energy to improve time on task and keep them in a designated spot.

Indoor Recess Game Closet – Paula Kleinert – Leedom

Recess is an integral part of an elementary school student’s day. On those days when it is not practical to go outside, the Indoor Recess Game Closet provides options for students during indoor recess that promote collaborative play and social skills (taking turns, waiting, and cooperation)..The Indoor Recess Closet is stocked with traditional board games suitable for students at all grade levels. Access to these games gives students more structured activities for the recess period.

Mrs. Fix It – Dara Bleacher – Lakeview

The “Mrs. Fix It Project” is a lesson taught in Kindergarten to all students at Lakeview Elementary throughout the entire year. The focus of this project is to teach concepts of print, reading, writing,  spelling and grammar and get students excited about words, sentences, and sentence structure. The idea of this lesson is to bring to school “Mrs. Fix It”, a quirky gal, who believes she writes the best sentences and wants to share these fabulous well written sentences with the Kindergarten class. Students soon learn they have to fix all her words and sentences and rewrite everything. They become her teacher sharing their knowledge with her and having fun while actively engaged in their own process of learning. Early in the year, the focus is on book handling, concepts of prints, reading and beginning sight words. As the year progresses, so does the focus on the lessons. The focus changes to Kid Writing, building sentences and sentence structure. Each trimester the focus of the lesson changes and so does the expectations and goals for the students. The ultimate goal is for students to be able to write words and sentences with correct grammar and spelling.

Winnie the Witch – Dara Bleacher – Lakeview

Winnie The Witch” is a lesson based on the book “Winnie The Witch” written by Valerie Thomas and illustrated by Korky Paul.  The book is used to teach kindergarten students about the beginning, middle and end of a story. Winnie is a delightful witch that comes to Lakeview Elementary School every fall to read her favorite book, “Winnie The Witch.”  Mrs. Bleacher portrays Winnie.  Using  props like a broomstick and magic wand,  Winnie the Witch reads the story and gets the students involved in the story.  They help her wave her wand in the air and shout “Abracadabra” as she changes her cat’s fur into different colors throughout the story. After the story, Winnie discusses the characters, plot, problems, and solution. Students use the story map on the floor that is also interactive and they retell the story. Students then make their own book about Winnie. They write sentences about the beginning, the middle and the end of the story. Students illustrate their own story about Winnie, including the cover. They become authors and illustrators of their own Winnie The Witch book.

De-escalation Space – Traci Hojnacki – Lakeview

Money from the REF grant was used to create a space where students can go calm down and refocus when they are feeling overwhelmed and upset.  The space will focus on using mindfulness and calming practices practices for  each student. The behavior support staff provides one-on-one support to show students how to use the materials and to talk to them about what they could do differently next time when they feel upset. which would be to use the de-escalation room if they are getting overwhelmed and upset.  Students have access to different manipulatives that help them calm down. Since each student feels that different things calm them down there will be different options for each student to use to calm themselves down so they can return to the classroom and learn in a calm manner. Some specific items that will be located in the room will be a weighted blanket, bean bag chairs, sensory items, light filters, noise cancelling headphones and a relaxation system for a complete relaxation area for all students. The space will provide a safe place for them to de-escalate before returning to the classroom.

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