Grant Requirements

If grant request is approved, the recipient(s) are expected to do the following:

  • Invite REF to the implementation of your funded project. Notify REF by sending an email to If there is no specific event, let the REF know when the program is in place and when there may be an opportunity for REF to see how it has been implemented.
  • Immediately after grant implementation, prepare a letter or notification to the parents of the students who benefited from the grant.The communication should include a note the experience was made possible by a grant from REF. REF must approve the communication before being distributed. The communication may be distributed via electronic mail, or other approved means of notification. The delivery method may depend on the number of students involved and be may determined in consultation with REF.
  • Promote as a REF grant funded (in whole or in part) program in all publicity and promotions (e.g. school websites, email, flyers, and signage). Parent Teacher Organizations or Home & Schools Associations are especially important, because their communication structures can be used to help promote the projects and lend endorsement to the REF.
  • REF will supply the logo for promotional materials or REF labels to be affixed to all equipment and property purchased with grant funds.
  • Gather documentation (e.g. photos, videos, testimonials or other documentation) of the project and send to REF.
  • Administer a survey of the program, upon completion, to the relevant parties (e.g. students, teachers, administrators, and parents) to assess the effectiveness and impact of the project. The survey and results must be included in final report.
  • Complete and submit Final Grants Summary Report upon completion of grant implementation, but no later than June 30th of grant year.
  • Volunteer to assist with one REF fundraising activity during the year in which the grant is implemented.
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